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What is a Mobile Office Trailer?

A mobile office trailer is a pre-manufactured portable building that comes in various sizes and is used to provide temporary or long-term office space depending on your needs. In addition, a mobile office trailer is completely customizable and can have additional features.

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Why You Need A Mobile Office Trailer in Plymouth, MN

Is your building being remodeled? Do you need to expand your business but don’t have the infrastructure to do so? Do you need to cut back on spending? These are just some of the reasons a mobile office can benefit your business.

A mobile office is the optimum portable solution depending on the needs of the business. Check out the top three reasons you may need a mobile office.

Save Money

Mobile office trailers are a cost-effective solution for businesses. Permanent structural updates do not make sense for every business, and if that’s the case for your business, a mobile trailer can help cut costs. Office trailers are more affordable than permanent structures. Mobile office trailers can be rented or bought depending on the budget, and used units are also an option.


Office trailers can serve as both temporary and permanent solutions, you decide. Unlike having a permanent infrastructure, mobile office trailers give businesses the option of making a change permanent or temporary.

Office trailers are completely portable. Meet deadlines, stay on-site, and relocate to job sites with a mobile office trailer. In addition, you can rent or buy the trailer.


Personalize your space based on your needs, budget, timeline, and goals. Mobile office trailers allow businesses to take control in tailoring their trailer to fit unique needs.

Not all mobile office trailers are created equally. That’s why 360MobileOffice provides you with FREE quotes from up to 5 qualified suppliers in Plymouth, MN. Get the perfect size, add ons, and features needed for your mobile office.

Expand Your Business

Growing a business doesn’t need to drain your wallet. Expand the business using mobile office trailers where applicable. Whether your school has taken on more students or the office needs more workspace for employees, expanding your business is easy with a mobile office.

Common Features and Uses of Mobile Office Trailers in Plymouth, MN?

Mobile office trailers are a popular option for many industries. Because of their affordability, and scalability, they are the perfect temporary or permanent solution. Whether in need of an office to keep on-site, or a portable trailer that will be relocated monthly, there’s an office trailer that fits your needs. Take a look at the common features and uses of mobile trailers in Plymouth, MN.

Mobile Office Trailer Features

Not every business needs certain features, but below is a list of some of the more common features added to mobile trailers. Most suppliers charge an additional fee for the additions. Check out the common features below and be sure to talk to one of your local suppliers about what’s included in their packages once you complete the survey and receive your quote.


Typically, bathrooms can be added to mobile offices without a problem. It’s important to note that this will take up space in the unit which you’ll need to take into account. Depending on your needs there are three standard options for bathrooms, which are:

  • Inside with standard plumbing
  • Inside without standard plumbing
  • Outside bathroom
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For the most part, it’s industry standard for HVAC systems to be included with mobile office trailers, however, it’s still important to discuss this detail with your supplier. No matter the industry, seasons come and go, and an HVAC system can help keep workers and employees safe and happy from harsh weather.

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Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a popular durable option among mobile office trailers. The affordable versatile material can withstand most industries and heavy traffic. Vinyl flooring is low maintenance, water-resistant, and easy to maintain, making it an ideal flooring option for many. Speak with a supplier to find out if this flooring option is right for you.

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Metal Roof

Whether renting or buying, you want to have a roofing material that will last. Metal roofing is a known long-lasting and durable roofing option. The durable material makes it an ideal choice for extreme weather conditions. Metal roofs are also both energy efficient and stylish. Talk with a local supplier and find out if a metal roof fits your needs and budget.

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Mobile Office Trailer Uses

Mobile office trailers can be utilized in multiple industries. From overcrowding in the classroom to expansion of the business, a mobile office trailer can be used as a temporary or long-term solution. Take a look at some of the ways industries are utilizing mobile office trailers in Plymouth, MN.


The simple yet sturdy design of mobile office trailers is optimum for construction companies to stay on top of projects while remaining on-site.

  • Office
  • Rest Area
  • Break Room
  • Storage Room

Mobile office trailers are a great resource and solution during school renovations.

  • Classroom
  • Office
  • Break Room
  • Storage Room

Mobile mini office trailers are ideal for retailers in need of seasonal inventory storage, or extra office space.

  • Office
  • Seasonal Storage
Medical Facilities

Trailers allow medical centers to treat more patients in the event of a medical emergency, testing, or examination.

  • Testing
  • Lab Work
  • Screening

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