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Choosing the Right Commercial Roofing Materials for Construction

Construction is a challenging task that requires help from highly skilled people, such as engineers, architects, contractors, and many more. They know everything from choosing the right construction design to selecting the perfect materials. Roofing is one of the many materials that construction teams need to consider choosing correctly.  Since there are many commercial roofing […]

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Make Renting a Conex Storage Container Fast and Easy

8 Tips for Renting a Storage Container When it comes to renting a shipping container (also known as an ISO container or CONEX box), most businesses prefer to rent instead of buy. It’s more affordable and convenient. Besides, not everyone wants to own a huge steel box! But before you start shopping for rentals in […]

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7 Things to Know Before Your Shipping Container Delivery

Make Sure You’re Prepared Before scheduling a storage container delivery to your site, there are a few important things you need to know. Details about permitting requirements, delivery fees, ground conditions and clearance space are all examples of information you will want to know in advance. Worst case scenario: you schedule your delivery, but then […]

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