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A mobile office trailer is a pre-manufactured and portable building that can be shipped to a specific location. Since suppliers generally keep an inventory on hand, they can be available quickly. Mobile office trailers are typically leased or rented as a temporary space with available features including climate control and plumbing. If you need a work space in a hurry and only for a temporary period of time, a mobile office trailer is a practical and affordable solution.

Storage containers are portable steel containers designed to meet your commercial storage needs. They are made of industrial-grade steel. Storage containers come in standardized sizes, typically 20’ or 40’ in length, allowing them to be stackable, storable, and transportable. Many storage container suppliers will offer customization options and features to fit the specific needs of your business.

Portable storage containers are usually 10′ or less and are lighter than steel storage containers. Their small size makes it easy to store them in tight, convenient spaces. They are generally used for temporary storage space, such as during a move or home renovation.

Manufactured homes, often called mobile homes, are partially assembled in a factory and then delivered to the intended site. They are durable, built to withstand the rigors of travel on the road. Since most of the construction is done in a controlled environment, manufactured homes may have up to a 20% cost savings over standard construction.

Mobile liquid storage tanks, sometimes known as frac tanks, are steel containers used for liquid processing in a variety of industrial applications including oil and gas, refining, manufacturing, and environmental remediation. The tanks are portable, transported empty, and can stay on site as long as you need them. With a variety of tank configurations, such as v-bottom, round bottom, weir, and more, leasing a tank can be a simple solution for your temporary on-site industrial liquid storage needs.