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The 5 Best Construction Software for General Contractors

The construction industry is an industry that has dominated throughout human history. Whether that be building stone castles, or working on a new school building, the industry continues to innovate. This often means using the correct tools for the job, and nowadays, that means using the correct construction software for the job. The right software can expedite processes, increase production, and assure project success. How? Here’s some of the best construction software for general contractors and how they can affect your business.

What is Construction Software?

Construction software is a computer application that assists with the planning of a project, its execution of the project, financials of the project, and communication between contractors and stakeholders. This software encompasses a lot of different tasks like cost estimation and bidding, document management, scheduling, accounting, project tracking, communication tools, and more. The software may integrate with CRM or ERP technology depending on your provider.

Construction software is designed to maximize efficiency when dealing with complex projects. It is also common for construction software mobile-compatible so workers can share and access information across devices and while out in the field.

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How General Contractors Get Value from Construction Software

General contractors face many challenges throughout the day. Whether that be communication between different teams, keeping projects on schedule, or assessing risk, every advantage helps. Construction software helps in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • The ability to streamline project management by planning, scheduling, and monitoring progress all in one platform.
  • Better asset management through asset allocation tools.
  • Real-time messaging and communication tools allowing members to share vital information across channels.
  • Track labor, equipment, and materials across job sites.
  • Centralized storage for documents, ensuring easy access and version control.
  • Better tools for estimating costs and tracking costs as a project progresses.
  • Automated scheduling tools to make planning a breeze.
  • Integration with accounting systems (this is dependent on the provider you choose).
  • Analytics and reporting tools for cost calculation but project performance and historical data to draw back on.
  • Some software has ability to identify potential risks for project delays.
  • Crew management tools like communication and time tracking services.

While not every construction software for general contractors may have these tools, a lot of them have some version of these tools. They offer great solutions for contractors looking to make data-driven decisions and achieve better service for their clients.

The 5 Best Construction Software for General Contractors


Procore is widely recognized as one of the biggest, if not the biggest, provider of construction software for general contractors. Because they are one of the biggest providers in the game, they offer a one-stop solution for contractors. You manage just about every facet of your project in one location with ease. You’ll find tools in their software platform like:

  • Project management software
  • Quality and safety logs
  • Project budget management and analytics reporting to view how your project is doing financially
  • Design coordination tools
  • Centralized hub to track workforce and manage hours/where labor is used
  • Subcontractor payments platform with lien waiver automation

This is just a snapshot of what Procore is capable of and you should highly consider this solution if you need a one-stop-shop or a larger contracting firm. Pricing is done on a custom quote pricing.


Buildr is a specialized preconstruction platform to help any construction team be prepared for any project they tackle. It’s about optimizing the business development, project management, and workforce planning processes. Meaning you can hit the ground running when it comes to construction. Some of the most common tools you’ll gain access to are:

  • CRM technology to track and contact clients
  • Closeout and warranty management
  • Internal team communication tools
  • Revenue forecasting with risk mitigation
  • Resource allocation tools so the right people are at the right job along with scheduling tools
  • Customizable reports for better insight
  • Revenue forecasting tools

Buildr is acclaimed for its capacity to expedite preconstruction tasks and increase internal communication. Buildr is used by both large corporations as well as small contractors. Pricing is done on a custom quote pricing.


While not specifically targeted at the construction industry, OrangeScrum is a valuable project management software that can often be used like construction software. It’s a highly intuitive platform to view data and how your projects are being managed. More importantly, OrangeScrum does offer a free tier for its services if you are looking to test out the system before fully purchasing a subscription. Some of the big component’s companies find compelling are:

  • Project management with custom workflows, custom fields, team management, and resource allocation
  • Communicate internally and externally in real time with instant notifications
  • Customized reporting with comparisons with actual vs. projected time and profitability analytics
  • Third-party integrations with apps like Slack, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more
  • Pre-built templates for specific types of projects
  • Track billable hours with ease

OrangeScrum can be a great option for those looking for a software solution to connect their teams and provide some useful tools for a very affordable price.

Source: OrangeScrum


AutoDesk is another top leader when it comes to construction software for general contractors. The AutoDesk Construction Cloud is all about streamlining your workflow. You can enhance your team and project management by streamlining your management through one application. Some of the key benefits of AutoDesk are:

  • Project budget forecasting and management
  • Change order management within the application
  • Model management design right in the application
  • Clash detection within design management
  • 2D & 3D takeoffs

AutoDesk is a valuable option for those who need a robust design platform to work with partners. AutoDesk allows you to purchase specific software tools for a set price or bundle services together for a custom quote.


BuilderTrend is a compressive solution that can handle projects, sales, and finances. While the learning curve can be challenging, it's a powerful software solution that can allow your company to go farther than before.  With their software, you can do things like:

  • Centralize file storage with version control to ensure all team members work with the latest documents
  • Customized scheduling to help plan for weather delays
  • Mobile collaboration tools so you can stay on top of every project no matter your location
  • Takeoff and estimating solutions
  • Create proposals right in the app
  • Track worker hours for billing with the timeclock feature
  • Daily logs to track progress and how projects are being handled

BuilderTrend is a highly effective software for specialty contractors to mobile and adept at any project they want. You'll also have dedicated team members to help train staff on the software and help make you as efficient as possible.

Source: Buildertrend

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