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If you’re looking to purchase or rent mobile office trailers in Sterling Heights, Michigan, you’ve come to the right place. No matter the type or size, 360MobileOffice is ready to help find your mobile office trailer Solution. To get started, submit a quote request. This service is free and there is no obligation to buy.

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Benefits of Mobile Office Trailers

With an abundance of sizing options and price ranges, there’s a mobile office trailer for everyone. If you’re considering renting or buying a mobile office the benefits and possibilities are endless:

Save Money

Renting or buying a mobile office trailer is more affordable than investing in a permanent structure. Mobile office trailers are a great money-saving option for construction companies, schools, retailers, medical facilities, and small businesses.


Mobile offices allow you to change locations when needed. Whether you’re moving from a construction site or need to move a classroom to another campus, mobile office trailers give you the flexibility to do what works best for you.

Expand Your Business

Growing a business doesn’t need to drain your wallet. Expand the business using mobile office trailers where applicable. Whether your school has taken on more students or the office needs more workspace for employees, expanding your business is easy with a mobile office.

Get What You Need

Not all mobile office trailers are created equally. That’s why 360MobileOffice provides you with FREE quotes from up to 5 qualified suppliers in Sterling Heights, MI. Get the perfect size, add ons, and features needed for your mobile office.

Who Needs Mobile Office Trailers in Sterling Heights, MI?

Mobile office trailers can be utilized in multiple industries in need of a cost-effective solution. They provide the needed space at the fraction of the price. Check out the following industries that would benefit from this structural must-have, and how mobile office trailers can be used:

Construction Companies

Construction companies are in constant need of temporary office space. Whether working on a large commercial site, or a suburban home, mobile office trailers allow construction companies and contractors to get work done. Each project needs to be timely, within budget, and follow safety protocols. The simple yet sturdy design of mobile office trailers is optimum for construction companies to stay on top of projects while remaining on-site.

Practical and Flexible

Mobile office trailers are both practical and flexible for fulfilling the day-to-day job. Office trailers can be used as a workspace, equipment storage, meeting room, break room, or a place for workers to rest. In addition, features like bathrooms and AC units can be added on.

Safe Space

Construction sites are among the most dangerous places for workers. There are many risk factors when on the job, and it's important to have a safe space in the event of an accident. With a mobile office trailer, an on-site first-aid kit can be available to employees 24/7. Also, the office can provide shelter during harsh storms and heatwaves.

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Whether in need of an expansion or temporary space, mobile office trailers can fit the needs of schools, universities, and daycares. Expand your school’s needs without expanding your budget with affordable mobile office trailers.

School Renovations

Temporary mobile classrooms are a great resource and solution during school renovations. The expansion and renovation of the school alone is a costly project. Cut costs and provide students with a quiet learning area with mobile office trailers. Various sizes are available, so you pay for the space that’s needed and nothing more. Mobile office trailers can be used for:

  • Classrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Medical Office
  • Administrative Offices
  • Break Room

Mobile office trailers can be a great solution to overcrowded classrooms. Create a cost-effective space for children to learn without the noise and distractions overcrowded classrooms can lead to.

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Reliable storage is essential for retailers. Mobile mini office trailers are ideal for retailers in need of seasonal inventory storage, or extra office space. Whether a permanent or temporary solution, a mobile office trailer can help the business.


Between retail trends and seasonal items, inventory alone can take up a lot of needed space. A mobile office trailer can help free up space and provides secure, accessible, storage to items. Also, items can be transferred between locations.

Extra Office Space

Sometimes a building's setup was not made in mind for a sales team or the expansion of a team. When that’s the case a mobile office trailer is a perfect solution. Allow employees and employers to have their own space using a luxury mobile office.

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Medical Facilities

Whether you need to mobilize your service to treat more people, expand your service, or manage renovations, mobile office trailers are ideal for medical facilities. Trailers allow medical centers to treat more patients in the event of a medical emergency, testing, or examination.

Easily Relocate

Bring medical service to the community with a mobile office trailer. It can be hard for many to reach urban care facilities, but with a mobile office, rural areas can receive needed medical services.


Mobile office trailers can be used for multiple health services such as screenings, vaccinations, testings, and lab work. Office trailers can also be used to store medical equipment during building renovations or serve as both temporary and permanent offices for health professionals.

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