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Can I Have a Bathroom in my Mobile Office Trailer?

The 3 Bathroom Options for Your Mobile Office Trailer

Since mobile office trailers are used by many different industries for multiple purposes, a bathroom may or may not be a necessity. There are a few different options for mobile office trailer bathrooms.

  1. Bathroom inside the mobile office trailer
  2. Bathroom outside the mobile office trailer
  3. No bathroom
Mobile office bathroom sink

Bathroom Inside

There is a range of options for how an interior bathroom will work. One option is to have a bathroom with standard plumbing. Another option is to have a bathroom without plumbing.

Standard Plumbing Option
Some units have hookups to connect the mobile office trailer to the local water and sewage lines. This type of bathroom will function like a bathroom in a typical building. You will incur water and/or sewer bills.

½ Bathrooms

Generally, these bathrooms are half baths with a sink and toilet. Much like like you would find a mobile home. For most companies, this is perfect for protecting workers from the elements when using the restroom. 

ADA Bathrooms:

Mobile office trailer manufacturers can also supply your business with ADA-compliant bathrooms for employees should you require them. These bathrooms must meet specific guidelines to be compliant with ADA rules. Make sure to check with the manufacturer before purchasing. They will need to be compliant with:

  • Door access requirements
  • Sink access requirement
  • Turnaround access
  • Toilet access
  • And other requirements

The size of the bathroom varies. If you need an ADA bathroom, most suppliers can provide you with one.

Benefits of Office Trailer Inside Bathrooms:

  • Protection from the elements
  • Heated or cooled restroom
  • Full-size toilet
  • Increased privacy and convenience

Cons of Office Trailer Inside Bathrooms:

  • More expensive than portable restrooms
  • Requires water and sewage hookups

Non-plumbing Option

Some mobile office trailers offer bathrooms without the plumbing connections. Generally, waste is collected in a wastewater-holding tank. With this system, a tank truck will come and remove the wastewater daily or weekly. The waste is then disposed of at a wastewater treatment plant. The removal of waste service may come from your supplier, or it may be something you need to arrange from a third-party. Be sure to find out your options when you speak to a dealer.

Benefits of Nonplumbing Options:

  • Own source of water
  • Privacy of inside bathroom
  • Great for remote locations
  • Can take advantage of heating/cooling of trailer
  • Less expensive

Cons of Nonplumbling Options:

  • Requires weekly maintenance and drainage

Bathroom Outside

There can be advantages to not having a bathroom in your mobile office trailer. Without a bathroom, you free up more square footage for additional employees or workspaces. One potential disadvantage to a bathroom outside of the mobile office trailer is that it can be inconvenient for staff or guests during bad weather.

If your mobile office trailer doesn’t have a bathroom but you need one for your site, you can always rent a portable restroom for a temporary amount of time. If you want something a little more luxurious, you can also rent a mobile restroom trailer. Restroom trailers are usually more comfortable, with varying sizes and configurations, including single-stall and multi-stall.

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Benefits of Outside Bathroom Options:

  • Cheaper than inside bathrooms
  • Can have multiple bathroom units
  • Does not require sewage hookups

Cons of Outside Bathroom Options:

  • Susceptible to weather exposure
  • Most portable restrooms don’t offer heat or cooling.
which type of bathroom is right for you

No Bathroom

Depending on the intended use of your mobile office trailer, you may not need a bathroom. For example, some mobile office trailers, such as temporary satellite offices, are located on properties that already have public restrooms available.

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