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Site Prep for a Mobile Office Trailer

Getting Ready for Your Mobile Office Trailer Delivery

Before you schedule a mobile office delivery, there are a few important things you will want to know about your site. Information about the ground conditions, space, and utility connectivity are details most suppliers will need to know in advance.
Read more to be prepared and ensure a quick and smooth delivery.

Leveling ground for Mobile Office delivery

Is the ground level?

To prepare for delivery of your mobile office, the first thing you need to know is this: is the ground level? In some cases, the supplier will send a site inspector to your property to verify this before delivery, but in other cases, it is your responsibility. Before scheduling a delivery, be sure to ask your supplier about their process.
A site inspector usually determines the following:

  • Is the site ready for delivery?
  • What is the best course of action for delivery?
  • What kind of foundation will be required?

Is the space clear?

To prepare your site for delivery, make sure to remove (or select a site without) any debris or vegetation. Make sure there aren’t any overhead tree branches or wires that may interfere with delivery.

How much space do I need to fit the mobile office trailer?

For a 40-foot mobile office trailer, your site will need to accommodate a 20-foot tall, 12-feet wide, 100-foot long tractor trailer that will be making the delivery. For storage container-style mobile offices, the site needs to be big enough to fit the mobile office, plus 120 feet of ground clearance to unload the unit. This is because, during delivery, the truck will back up to the site and roll the office off the back. You should plan on having an extra 5 or 6 feet of length available at the site in addition to the actual physical length of the mobile office trailer. This will allow a comfortable amount of breathing room to make the delivery smooth. Some mobile office trailers have wheels, making them easier to position at the site.

mobile office installed on hard packed gravel

What are the best ground conditions for a mobile office trailer?

The tractor-trailer that delivers a mobile office weighs over 30,000 pounds. The best surfaces to handle that weight are:

  • Stone-paved (best)
  • Asphalt
  • Cement
  • Gravel

What if my site is a soft terrain?

If your site is a soft terrain, such as grass or some other kind of soft surface, you will need to put something under the mobile office trailer to aid in distributing the weight of the structure and prevent sinkage. Options to put under your trailer include:

  • Hardwood piles
  • Concrete or gravel bed
  • Asphalt paving
  • Piles of railroad ties
mobile office installed on concrete foundation pads at construction site

What if I need further stability?

Depending on your state or municipal building codes, there may be other requirements. You may need concrete foundation pads along the perimeter and mate lines of the unit. To stabilize the unit’s sub-floor supporting columns, you may need to pour concrete footers.

Your local mobile office trailer dealer can assist you with any relevant code or zoning requirements.

What if I’m planning to connect utilities?

If your mobile office trailer will have utility connections, you’ll want to set up the structure in a spot where you’ll have close access to the water, sewer, electrical, and/or gas sources. The unit cannot be delivered until all hookups comply with local codes. If you have underground utility lines, they must be clearly marked. The site should also be fully staked to indicate where to set up the mobile office.What other considerations are there?

You need to consider the use of the site for your mobile office trailer. Your site planning should make sure you have enough room for all of the following considerations, if applicable:

  • Parking (for employees, visitors, delivery vehicle drop-offs, pickups)
  • Handicap-accessible ramps
  • Driveway (wide enough for deliveries, including the mobile office trailer delivery)

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