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Mobile Office Winter Weather Checklist for Pros

Mobile offices are a fantastic solution for temporary building space, however, like other types of buildings, they need to be protected from the cold. Snow and ice can stop your mobile office from functioning properly as well as result in costly damage like a pipe bursting or an HVAC system freezing during extreme temperatures. This mobile office winter weather checklist will guide you through the necessary preparations and considerations to ensure that your mobile office remains functional, safe, and comfortable, even when the mercury drops.

How Winter Weather Can Impact Your Office Trailer

Wind and Storms

Winds and storms can damage your pipes, rip seals from door/window/roofing, and result in unsafe conditions to work. If your mobile office trailer is damaged, there's a good chance your work may stop, or the conditions of your workplace become unsafe.

Temperature Extremes

Cold weather and wet conditions are the perfect recipe for pipes to freeze or for HVAC systems to be overwhelmed. Without the proper precautions, this could happen to you. Keeping your space comfortable for employees can also be difficult in very remote locations.

Winter is Unpredictable

While forecasting weather conditions has only gotten better and better, there is always the chance that the weather will do something unpredictable. It's best to prepare for the worst conditions so you are not blindsided.

developing a winter weather policy.
1. Define dangerous working conditions
2. Establish communication protocols
3. Emergency contacts and responsibilities

Mobile Office Winter Weather Checklist

Here are some of the most important things you should do to prepare for extreme winter weather:

  • Search for Damage: Search for damage on your mobile office that could allow air to seep out. This includes not only holes or broken boards, but also cracks in seals along windows, doors, and you’re roofing. Protecting those seals are important for keeping your warm air in.
  • Window Treatments: Make sure to check the sealants around your windows to make sure there are no leaks or cracks. You can also consider getting insulated curtains.
  • Change Your Air Filter: Make sure to change your air filter around every 30 days. This is to prevent icing and damage to your HVAC System.
  • Don't Run Your Heat Too High: In extreme conditions, running your heat too high can cause your HVAC to be overworked and break down. Mobile office providers like Satellite recommend not running your above 72 degrees. At night, don't turn it off. Keep it running at a lower temperature. 
  • Use Portable Heaters: To reduce the strain on your HVAC system, consider using portable heaters to help produce heat. There are both electric versions and propane options. If you use propane options, make sure to have proper ventilation.
  • Cover Exposed Pipes: Wrap pipes with a high "R"-value insulation and heat tape.
  • Consider Skirting: Installing skirting around the base of the trailer can help reduce heat loss, block cold winds, and prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Backup Generator: A backup generator can be crucial if the power cuts off. There are various options to choose from if need be. Make sure to also have fuel additives so your fuel doesn't freeze. Make sure you also have the proper power requirements.
  • Basic Emergency Supplies: In remote locations where employees may be snowed in, make sure they have items like flashlights, extra batteries, a first-aid kit, and a battery-powered radio for weather alerts.
  • Clear Snow: You'll want to clear snow from around your mobile office often. Clear snow around your skirting, entrances, gutters, roofing, and windows.

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