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When Do I Need a Permit for My Shipping Container?

Helpful Hints on Storage Container Permits

There is often a lot of confusion regarding what’s legally allowed to be stored on your property, especially when it’s only for a temporary amount of time. Every municipality, county and city has different requirements. It’s important to do your research before your shipping container is delivered onsite. Otherwise, you could be charged a hefty fine and be forced to remove the container from the premises.

Storage container building usage permit

Factors That Affect Permitting

  • Local rules and regulations
  • Physical location of the container on the property
  • Time frame for usage of said container on work site
  • Physical condition of the container
  • Affect of container on the community/attitude of neighbors regarding the container’s presence.

Tips Regarding Permitting

Shorter Storage = Fewer Requirements

Generally speaking, the shorter the time frame you plan to store a connex container on your property, the easier it will be to get permission. In many cases, a permit is not even required, as long as you don’t plan on making the shipping container a permanent structure on your property. In some cases, the city may require a temporary use permit. Pulling a temporary permit is usually not as complicated or time-consuming as obtaining permission for a permanent structure. Always check with local authorities. Requirements will vary depending on the city and county where you live.

The More Traffic, The Stricter the Rules

Permitting requirements are usually stricter in highly trafficked areas or residential areas where a steel box is not something people want to stare at every day. But for rural farmland or other low-traffic areas, you may not even need to obtain a permit to place the container on your property.

Hiring a Permit Expediter Can Help

For complex situations that require cutting a lot of red tape, consider hiring a permit expediter. In some urban areas where permits are more difficult to obtain, a permit expediter acts as the go-between for you and the local authorities. They will handle the legwork and paperwork so you can focus on growing your business.

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