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Don’t Get the Wrong Size Mobile Office Trailer

How Big Does My Mobile Office Need to Be?

What size mobile office do you need? That depends on the number of employees you have—the number of people that will utilize the space.

As a guideline, each person will need 100-150 square feet of space. For example, a 12’ x 60’ single-wide unit (720 sq ft), will comfortably fit 5-6 people. A 42’ x 76’ triple-wide (3,192 sq ft) could accommodate as many as 20 people.

multiple tape measures

Mobile Office Size Options

mobile office size option chart

Here’s another way to look at it:

graph of how many people each unit can accommodate


  • single-wide is generally a mobile office trailer that is 14’ wide or less.
  • double-wide is a mobile office trailer that is 24’ wide.
  • A triple-wide is a mobile office trailer that is about 42’ wide.

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