Storage Container Buyer's Guide

New and Used Conex Boxes Available Now!
  • 20' x 8' (20 foot standard)
  • 30' x 8' (30 foot standard)
  • 40' x 8' (40 foot standard)
  • Plus more sizes (including high cube)

Serving cities across the US and Canada.
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conex container

Steel conex boxes are built for world-wide shipping of goods, but are often re-purposed to serve as on site storage containers. In fact, when you acquire a container for storage, you are usually getting a shipping container that has already traveled the seas by cargo ship at least once.

If you are looking for containers that will be used primarily for on site storage, 360 Mobile Office can connect you with Suppliers who service your local area. However, we do not currently work with Suppliers who provide freight services by truck, rail, or sea.

Here are some of the many terms used to describe these steel containers:

shipping container
storage container
cargo container
sea box
sea container
sea land container
ocean container
conex box
connex box
ISO container
inter-modal container
dry container