Turning Away Patients? Expand with a Modular Medical Building

4 Reasons to Grow with Modular Construction

As the healthcare industry continues to add jobs and the number of patients continues to increase, space is in high demand. Modular construction has become a popular solution to this need, offering quick turnaround at an affordable price. Learn more about why many healthcare facilities are turning to modular.

Reagan Medical Center, modular construction medical facility

What is modular construction?

With modular construction, the building materials are assembled off-site in a warehouse environment. This setting allows for more control over the construction process, saving time and money. Once complete, the modular building is shipped to the site and set up. Each “piece” of the future structure is called a module. Depending on the design of the building, there may be multiple modules. At the site, the modules are connected together to create the finished product. Read More: Modular Building Buyer’s Guide.

How can modular construction benefit health facilities?

Some of the main benefits of modular construction are the following:
  • Speed
  • Same quality standards as conventional buildings
  • Flexibility
  • Cost of Construction

timeline of modular construction vs. regular construction


One of the greatest benefits of modular construction is how quickly it can be accomplished. A modular building can be built in up to half the time of a conventionally built building. This can be extremely beneficial to a hospital that is rapidly running out of space for staff and patients.

Same standards as conventional buildings

A quality build is critical for a healthcare facility. Healthcare facilities experience a lot of traffic and periodically upgrade to new equipment as medical technology advances. There is no sacrifice in quality with modular construction.
Modular buildings are built to the same standards as conventional buildings. The same quality of materials are used and the same building code restrictions apply. The controlled environment of construction allows for excellent quality management. Modules are also built to withstand the rigors of shipping.


Modular buildings can be temporary or permanent. If a hospital is building a new wing that won’t be ready for many months, they can lease a modular building as a satellite work space until the permanent facility is complete.

Another option would be to build the entire wing of the hospital using modular construction. The modules can be designed to match the current facilities. A modular building can look just like a conventional building.

Some modular manufacturers can outfit modules to meet the needs of a specific medical industry. If you are interested in a modular building for healthcare, be sure to ask a supplier about options for your specific industry.

Cost of construction

Obviously, any healthcare facility looking to expand is going to want the best price they can get without sacrificing quality. The methods used for modular construction can sometimes lead to cost savings. However, there is one factor that can definitely lead to cost savings– time. Since a modular building can be built twice as fast as a conventional building, that means it can be utilized twice as quickly. This can add up to big savings.

modular building used as a healthcare facility

Which healthcare industries have utilized modular construction?

Modular construction has been used in many different healthcare industries. For example, modular buildings can serve as a temporary blood donation facility. In disaster situations, modular buildings are often utilized as temporary medical clinics. Some hospitals have built permanent expansions with modular construction. Modular can be found in everything from urgent care centers to dentist offices. Some of the facilities where you can find modular include:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctor offices
  • Hospital administration
  • Support buildings
  • Rural medical clinics
  • Outpatient treatment buildings
  • Urgent care centers
  • Wellness facilities
  • Diagnostic buildings
  • Dentist offices
  • Dialysis facilities

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