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An Interview with:

Kara Fenzke

Marketing Manager

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What does Container Alliance do?

Container Alliance is a leader in storage container sales, leasing, sourcing, and other portable storage services. We offer new and used containers that can be customized to your specific application. We provide shipping containers and/or storage containers) for both individuals and business applications.

How long have you been in business?

We have been around for 8 wonderful years.

What areas do you service?

We offer sales Nationwide.

For Rentals, we cover the Southern and Central California regions.

What inspired you to get into the business?

Our industry continues to grow in new and exciting ways. Personally, I have always been fascinated by architecture and tiny homes. I love the idea of taking an object that would normally be considered trash or at the end of its life cycle and being able to upcycle it, transforming it into something useful and beneficial. Container Alliance is helping to save trees and prevent deforestation by providing alternative building materials. I have seen people use shipping containers for various applications, everything from beer and cheese-making operations to restaurants.

Ojai art studio

We treat our customers with the utmost professionalism and support. We are committed to providing an honest representation of the condition of all our containers.

” People use shipping containers for various applications, everything from beer and cheese-making operations to restaurants.”

Kara Fenzke, Container Alliance, Marketing Manager

What products does Container Alliance offer?

We rent and sell both storage and office containers.

Our products include:

Office Containers

  • 20 ft
  • 40 ft
  • 40 ft Office/Storage combo

Storage Container Rentals

  • 10 ft
  • 20 ft
  • 20 ft DD
  • 20 ft open-side
  • 24 ft
  • 40 ft
  • 40 ft DD
  • 40 ft HC
  • 45 ft HC
  • 20 ft Reefer
  • 24 ft Reefer
  • 40 ft Reefer

Container Conditions

  • as-is
  • used
  • refurbished
  • one-trip
  • cargo worthy
  • IICL-5
  • wind and water tight

Standard Sizes

  • 20 ft
  • 20 ft HC
  • 20 ft open-side
  • 20 ft DD
  • 20 ft HC DD
  • 40 ft
  • 40 ft HC
  • 45 ft HC
  • 40 ft DD HC
  • 40 ft DD
  • 20 ft open-top
  • 20 ft Flatrack
  • 40 ft Flatrack
  • 20 ft Reefer
  • 40 ft HC Reefer

Custom Sizes

  • 10 ft
  • 15 ft
  • 24 ft
  • 30 ft

What is your most popular product? Why?

We have four products that rival in popularity:

  • 20 ft container – This is definitely our most popular product. It’s the most common size and therefore, it is most familiar to people.
  • 40 ft one-trip High Cube – This product is appealing due to its extra height and length.
  • 10 ft container This product is super compact and able to fit into tight spaces. It’s also small enough so that it’s not an eyesore or distracting.
  • 20 ft one-trip open side container – This product is a deal for the pop-up shop trend that requires some sort of display.

side of Ojai art studio

What price range should people expect to pay?

It depends on whether the customer is looking to rent or buy.

If a customer is buying a container, price is dependent on the following factors:

  • condition
  • supply and demand
  • cost of steel
  • size
  • modifications

If a customer is renting a container, it’s mostly dependent on size.

What are your container modification options?

Container Alliance offers high quality, custom modifications. We provide office conversions, custom doors, painting/branding, cutting and framing, windows, heaters and air conditioners, skylights, electrical packages, insulation, ventilation, shelves, flooring, and extra security features. The sky’s the limit on container modifications.

What are your contract terms? What is included?

We typically require a 2-month minimum for rentals, depending on the area and special circumstances. Container Alliance provides on-site installation and service calls. We also offer our full line of modifications.

“I love the idea of taking an object normally considered trash and up-cycling it into something useful and beneficial. ”

Kara Fenzke, Container Alliance, Marketing Manager

How important is the quality of a storage container to the customer?

Customers want and need to know exactly what condition their container is going to come in–you don’t want to be surprised. We stand by the condition of all our equipment. Every shipping and storage container is personally inspected to assess condition, and all units are on-site and available for customer selection. We encourage customers to visit our facility and welcome the opportunity to show what we have in stock. If you are unable to visit, we offer interior and exterior photos of your specific container before it leaves our depot so that you know exactly what you are purchasing prior to delivery.

What should customers know when shopping for a storage container? 

There is not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to containers. With a wide range of sizes available, there are just so many options out there in the container world.

People may try to save money and think that a 10 ft container is the cheapest option because they are the smallest. But that’s not true. There is actually more labor that goes into a 10 ft container because it has to be cut down from a 20 ft container.

Another important factor before planning a business or residential property made out of shipping containers: check with your local building agency and obtain the correct permits. Also, be sure your containers are wind and watertight.

What trends do you see in the storage container industry? 

The portable storage industry is growing. People are using containers for virtually everything. Container architecture is on the rise. Now, people are saying, “look how innovative and modern that container is,” instead of, “that thing is ugly.” Look around. You will see containers used for schools, art museums, shops, restaurants, hotels, and offices. People are also attracted to the idea of going “green” and the re-use of a storage container support the goal of sustainability. With the cost of living in California continuing to skyrocket, tiny homes built from storage containers offer affordable housing alternatives. Businesses are gravitating towards shipping containers as well, because they are affordable, easy to maintain, and can be relocated when needed. We are seeing how a simple steel box that was typically used for shipping goods is now being transformed into so many different things across a wide variety of applications.

“People are using containers for virtually everything.”

Kara Fenzke, Container Alliance, Marketing Manager

What is most important to your customers? 

Speedy delivery. We have a large variety of inventory in-stock to meet the needs of our customers. Customers often want us to relocate a container for them. But, it is important for our customers to know that we CANNOT move a loaded container. It must be empty.

Blue storage container

Also, if a customer wants to actually see and feel the containers themselves before they buy or rent, then a sales rep will meet the customer at the container yard so they can examine the containers and our sales rep can discuss their needs and concerns in person instead of over the phone. If there is a big modification project coming up, our sales rep will go down to the yard and meet with the client to discuss exactly what can be done and what cannot be done. We want our customers to be comfortable and reassured when buying or renting one of our containers.

What is Container Alliance’s mission statement? 

Good service is good business. We understand the needs of our customers and are constantly striving to deliver the highest quality customer care. That’s our number one goal. At Container Alliance, we treat our customers with the utmost professionalism and support. We are committed to providing an honest representation of the condition of all our containers. If the customer is happy, then we are happy.

“Good service is good business. ”

Kara Fenzke, Container Alliance, Marketing Manager

Describe your ideal customer.

We love when customers are intrigued with the possibilities of their container because that excites us as well. A customer may start off with one container and love it so much that they come back for more.

What differentiates Container Alliance from its competitors?

Container Alliance provides high-end modifications and high-quality containers. We are a small business that caters to the needs of our customers. We offer one-on-one consultations, and our customers get to know each and every one of us. We allow our customers to have accessibility to any of our containers. We can take them to our container yard so they can get a clear idea of the type of container they want to rent or purchase.

We constantly have customers calling us and telling us how much they love their containers and how helpful our sales team is. Our sales reps go above and beyond to make sure customers are satisfied. A lot of our customers will come back to buy or rent more containers later on because they appreciate the high quality of the containers and our attentiveness to their needs. Then, of course, the satisfied customers often refer us to potential customers.

Tell us about a notable project. 

mobile bike display

A customer requested modifications to a 40-ft High Cube Container used to transport and display their cutting edge bicycles. Container Alliance first prepped the container by having it custom painted according to the brand’s signature colors: candy apple red and white. We then modified the container to have two steel sliding doors that would easily serve as entrance and exit. Rollers on the top and bottom of the doors made them easy to open and close.

We also created an artist’s studio in Ojai, CA. This involved modifying a 40′ Super High Cube container. The 9’6″ tall ceiling created a “vaulted ceiling” feel. In addition, we installed custom glass doors, windows, LED lighting, insulation and painted it mint green.

How has 360MobileOffice helped grow Container Alliance? 

So many of our leads come from 360MobileOffice. 360 has helped us get our name out there and expand our business.

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