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Modular Building Buyer's Guide: Your Conception-to-Construction Guide to Modular Buildings

So, what is the downside of choosing a modular building?

Just as every cloud has a silver lining, every silver lining comes complete with a cloud. When making the decision between traditionally constructed office buildings and modular buildings, you must decide which best fits your needs.

-Aesthetic and functional concerns.  Although modular buildings have made leaps and bounds with regards to appearance, there are structural and aesthetic limitations that could be avoided with traditional construction. Depending on the type of modification you want (elevated ceilings, multiple stories, etc.), it would be best to examine the prices of both traditional and modular office construction to determine which method is most cost-effective for you.

-Limited construction supervision.  If you are used to supervising a traditional construction process, the lack of on-site work could be disconcerting.  Although the work is done off-site in a highly supervised factory, if you are made uneasy about your needs being met or your instructions being followed, you should either develop an open line of communication with your modular office vendor or consider traditional construction. 

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