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The cost of buying an office trailer can be comparable to buying a new car, and like a car, depreciation sets in fast after purchase. If you are in need of an office trailer for the long haul and prefer to purchase one outright, buying a used trailer provides a significant discount over new.

Most of the suppliers we work with have an inventory of used office trailers that are reclaimed from previous leases and offered for sale.

Whether you decide to buy new, used, or to lease; we have you covered at 360 Mobile Office.

Used Office Trailer Buyer's Guide

Table of Contents

Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Mobile Office


The main benefit of purchasing a used mobile office trailer for your business is cost savings. Just like purchasing a used car over a new car, a used mobile office trailer will save you money. It's very possible to save up to 50% compared to a new one. Our used offices will be inspected and fully functional unless otherwise specified. If you are willing to live with a little wear, you can avoid the initial depreciation that inevitably accompanies new trailers.

Purchasing instead of leasing may be a good option for those who expect to need the trailer for 3 years or more. Owning your trailer gives you the flexibility to do what you want with it, whether that is modification or moving the trailer from place to place.


The biggest disadvantage to buying used is that you will be more limited in selection. If you are very particular about the layout and options required, shopping for a new trailer is more likely to allow you to get the exact model you want. Also, new trailers always provide you with at least a 1 year warranty, while used trailers come with a 90 day warranty or may even be sold as-is (ask about warranty details).

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Origin and Condition of Used Office Trailers


The majority of used trailers on the market come from leasing programs that have ended. Mobile offices are usually leased for short time frames and then returned to the supplier. In some cases the suppliers may just clean up the office and lease it out again and in others they may decide to sell it to an interested buyer.


All reputable suppliers will give a used trailer a thorough checkup and makeover before offering them for sale. Everything should be mechanically sound: lights, electrical, latches, and plumbing should all be functional. If they are not, any problems should be disclosed as part of a price negotiation.

Our advice is to visually inspect the trailer in person if you are serious about buying it. If being physically present is not an option, you should at least get as many pictures sent to you as possible detailing the condition and strongly consider adding a 90 day warranty.

Floor Plan and Options

With a used trailer, you will be limited to the inventory available at the time and that will probably mean fewer floor plans to choose from.

However, since many of the suppliers of used trailers are also the manufacturers there is potential for some reconfiguring of the interior layout. Also, all of the add-on features such as skirts, ramps, additonal security, etc.. should all still be available options for your used office.


90 day

It's most common for our suppliers to offer a 90 day warranty for used office trailers. This is low risk for them because they usually do a thorough inspection of the units before sale. A 90 day warranty gives the consumer peace of mind, since they will have some time to get familiar with the new trailer and ensure that all items are working.


Some units are sold "As-Is". In this case, even if they are inspected and every effort is made to ensure functionality, if something does break after purchase the repairs are the buyer's responsibility.


It's a good idea to check out all items as soon as possible upon delivery to verify that the condition meets expectations. If something that was inspected by the supplier is not functioning on delivery, the supplier should be willing to work with you to resolve it. Make sure you fully understand the inspection process and checklist before buying.

Add-Ons, Delivery Details, Costs, Special Considerations

Some aspects of buying a Used mobile office are identical to purchasing new or leasing. To read more about available add-ons, expected costs, delivery details, and special considerations, refer to our Mobile Office Buyer's Guide.

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