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Purchasing a Mobile Office

Mobile offices, also know as office trailers, make great temporary office solutions.  And, after the damage of a hurricane, storm, flood, or other natural disaster, a temporary office may be just what your business needs.    Like the name “mobile office trailer” implies, they are mobile, and can be placed on almost any flat piece of land.  What better way to get your business back up and running while you figure out the other details of your disaster recovery?

Here is a checklist of what you need to do in order to secure the right mobile office trailer for your disaster recovery needs:

-Figure out what you need.  How many employees should your office support?  What kinds of activities go on during the workday?  Because this is a temporary office, for use primarily during your businesses’ recovery from natural disasters, it is not going to be as equipped as your old office space, so it is important to differentiate between what you want and what you need to do business.  Mobile offices can have separate rooms, bathrooms on-site, climate control, and even built in desks and filing cabinets—but they are usually not overflowing with extra space, and their ceilings are usually not sky-high. 

-Decide on a mobile office trailer size.  The sizing for mobile offices generally is as follows:


8 x 16 ft.                          1-2

8 x 20 ft.                          1-2

8 x 30 ft.                          2-3

10 x 30 ft.                        3                                      usually has 1-2 private offices

10 x 40 ft.                        3-5                                   usually has 1-2 private offices

12 x 40 ft.                        3-5                                   usually has 1-2 private offices

12 x 56 ft.                        4-6                                   usually has 1-2 private offices

14 x 66 ft.                        5-7                                   usually has 2-4 private offices

24 x 60 ft.                        8-10                                 usually has 2-4 private offices

28 x 64 ft.                        8-12                                 usually has 2-6 private offices

If you need accommodations larger than what we have featured here, please visit our modular building quote request form

-Find and measure a lot.  How big is your office trailer site?  This is important because there are certain sizing guidelines for mobile office trailers.  For one, your lot must be essentially flat.  It also must be accessible by the 18-wheeler trucks that mobile offices are delivered on.  Most mobile office companies will perform a complimentary site-check to make sure everything is as it should be, but save your business some trouble by getting the right lot the first time.

-Figure out financing.  Since each disaster-recovery situation will have a unique set of time constraints and factors, consult our resources page for more information on how to plan long-term and short-term office space solutions.  You can choose to rent, purchase, or lease your mobile office trailer, so choose the option that is best for your business disaster recovery program. 

-Costs To Consider.  On top of the cost of the office itself, there are several costs that you must take into consideration when purchasing or renting a mobile office: first month's rent, fees paid to the vendor for set-up, fees paid to electricians and plumbers for establishing electrical and plumbing connections, anchor fees, skirt fees, security deposit and delivery charges, too. 

-Questions to ask vendors.  Keep in mind that your mobile office may have had a previous owner or tenant.  It is a good idea to ask some questions about its condition, so you know what to expect when it arrives.  Specifically: Has it required any major repairs?  Has it required any minor repairs?  What kind of site was it used on last?

-Straighten out last-minute details. Your business has endured enough surprises in the process of recovering from a natural disaster; don’t let your mobile office delivery be another one. Whether you need to make your mobile office accessible to those in wheelchairs, or make it look more attractive with a skirt and stairs, your dealer is integral in the process.  Double-check to make sure you are getting what you want, and to make sure that you won’t be surprised with last-minute fees for assembly or delivery.
-Shop around for the best deal on your disaster recovery mobile office.  You have planned meticulously to maximize your businesses’ disaster recovery resources; so don’t forget to shop around to find the best price on your mobile office trailer.  Using a service like 360MobileOffice, you can save time and money, because they do the comparisons for you.  All you do is fill out a simple form detailing your mobile office trailer needs, and up to four mobile office vendors will call you with price quotes.  Click here to request free mobile office quotes for your disaster recovery needs. 

For a more detailed guide to mobile office leasing, purchasing, or renting, visit this mobile office buyer’s guide

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