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Relocating Your Business to a Portable Building After a Disaster

Hurricane Katrina brought about the largest mobilization of trailers by the modular building industry in history. Trailers were quickly carted into the City of New Orleans so that essential services could continue to operate. The experiences of Katrina emphasize the importance of portable buildings for enabling a quick start-up of businesses crippled by disaster. 

Portable buildings provide an interim solution for business owners struggling to keep their operations up and running while they rebuild. In the midst of the turmoil, business owners—particularly small business owners—are already overwhelmed with worries of their safety and livelihood. We offer the following information as a guide for business owners seeking temporary space after a disaster, to help make the decision a little less stressful. 

If you are reading this in the wake of a damaging flood, hurricane, or other natural disaster, you know all too well the toll nature can take on your business.  The important thing to concentrate on now is getting your business back up and running—while keeping your employees and yourself safe. 

Because having your business closed by a natural disaster is stressful, it is many business owners’ first inclination to take it easy, to take some time off to recover.  But, what many business owners don’t realize is that the longer a business stays closed, the less likely that business is to ever open again.  In fact, according to www.ihbs.org, at least 25% of buildings that close because of disasters never reopen.  And, furthermore, small and medium sized businesses are most vulnerable to this type of permanent closure.  Over 200,000 small businesses were closed across the gulf coast when hurricane Katrina hit.   Don’t let your business become one of them. 

Struggling to re-open, however, doesn’t mean that business owners should hurry back to their flooded or damaged buildings, as that can pose serious health risks.  Whether you confront asbestos in the walls, lead paint on the damaged surfaces, growing mold, or shaky footing and sharp rubble, damaged office buildings are a health and safety nightmare for employers and insurance companies alike.  Besides, you wont be able to resume work if you or your employees are sick.

So, what can you do if you can’t work in your office space, but you can’t stay closed indefinitely?  You can look to modular construction for a quick and reliable building solution.  Modular buildings, defined as “sectional, prefabricated buildings that are typically manufactured in a plant to a customer’s specifications that come with a bevy of options and luxuries to suit a wide variety of needs,” are perfect for natural disaster recovery situations. 
They are highly customizable, and can be as cost-effective or as luxurious as your business requires.  Modular buildings also take half the construction time of regular buildings--which is important, given the importance of time in a business disaster recovery situation.

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